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Coin Laundry

Looking for a Coin Laundry? We Can Help!

We know a lot of people don't have access to a washer and dryer at home, but they still need to make sure they have clean laundry. With our coin laundry options, you can take good care of your clothes, even if you don't have facilities at your house or apartment. Not sure where you should take your clothes when they need washed? Come see us at Meadowvale Coin Laundry and let us help you keep your wardrobe looking great.


We take good care of our coin laundry machines, so you can get the quality and value you expect without the need to worry about breakdowns and other problems. You don't want to have issues with machines that don't drain water or dry your clothes properly. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you won't have problems like that with us. Then you can just get your clothes clean, easily and conveniently, on your schedule.

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