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Gown Wash

Precision Gown Wash Services

When you need your gowns washed and cleaned with speed and accuracy, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Meadowvale Coin Laundry offers comprehensive gown wash services, so you can always count on your gowns being as clean as possible with excellent consistency.


Our machines are always kept clean, running smoothly, and working at maximum efficiency. We pride ourselves on the overall experience and ease of use as well. We want each of our customers to be fully comfortable, to have a seamless experience, and to be able to get what they need and get back to it. Gown wash services are not all created equal, and that is exactly why Meadowvale Coin Laundry is your first choice gown wash and dry cleaner service. Our prices are fantastic, our service is unmatched, and our consistency is above and beyond what you could expect from your typical gown wash service.


So if you want those gowns precision cleaned with speed and efficiency, then you wand Meadowvale Coin Laundry.

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