Our Tailoring Services Can Help You Feel Good in Your Clothes

Sometimes you really love a piece of clothing, but it just doesn't fit you quite the way you'd like it to. Especially if you have expensive clothing that you want to keep and continue to wear, tailoring it to fit you properly can be a good idea. Come see us at Meadowvale Coin Laundry, and we'll provide you with tailor services that can have you looking and feeling great about your clothing again. Whether it's a costly suit or a simple pair of jeans, you deserve to feel good when you wear it.


Don't hesitate to come in with the clothing you want adjusted, so our tailors can take care of it for you and get you properly fitted. It doesn't matter if it's something you've had for a long time or you just bought it. What matters is that it fits the right way and makes you feel comfortable and confident. With that in mind, our tailoring services can be just what you need.

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